Asuta Medical Center, Ramat Hahyal, Tel Aviv

The project included an establishment of a main data center complex (100 Sq Meter), 2 central computer rooms and 24 communication centers. In total, we installed over 5000 copper outlets supporting CAT-6A and CAT-7 standards including 10Km fiber optic cables.

The Building structure is based on 11 operational floors that hold 16 operation rooms including 4 parking floors. In this project, we have build a central computer room including 25 server cabinets and bridged 30 secondary communication centers including 88 communication cabinets. In overall, we have composed about 2000 optical outlets with additional fixed infrastructure that can support extra 1500 outlets.

All type of communication outlets are based on integrated infrastructure build. These outlet types includes: Computers, Phone, Wireless and operating-rooms dedicated systems.

  • Year of implementation: 2007-2008
  • Financial volume: 5 M Nis.