Electra M&E - Company Profile

Electra M&E Electro-Mechanical Systems is Israel’s leading supplier of electro-mechanical air conditioning, electricity and piping systems. With our comprehensive offering, we also deliver optimized integration between these systems.

Electra  M&E serves real estate developers throughout Israel via its Haifa, Netanya, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem branches. Our highly skilled teams of electro-mechanical engineers, project managers and integration experts are ideally suited to provide end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of any project. The extensive knowledge and skills of our professional team and our application of cutting-edge technologies to all projects have earned Electra M&E an enduring reputation for excellence.

Electra M&E offers a one-stop shop for electro-mechanical solutions. Our end-to-end offering is based on in-depth understanding of all electro-mechanical fields and comprehensive overview  of all phases of a project, from planning, implementation and establishment, to long-term maintenance and service. The one-stop shop approach to handing large projects reflects a current global trend. Indeed, it is the only method that guarantees successful completion of a project on time, within budget, and in line with the contractual requirements.

Electra M&E's in-house unit of 25  planning and practical engineers has unique experience in developing mechanical systems, including all the associated electrical and control components, for Israel's largest and most complex projects. Our engineers’ professional management capabilities ensure that our customers enjoy the highest levels of project flexibility, supervision and quality control.

The System Coordination and Supervision Depar tment ensures full integration in all stages of project planning and implementation.

Electra's quality management systems conform to the requirements of ISO 9000-2000.