ETCO, Nigeria - Company Profile

ETCO Nigeria Ltd. is one of the leading contracting companies in Nigeria in the field of Electro-Mechanical systems. Since its establsihment in 1963, the company has successfully completed hundreds of projects and acquired an excellent reputation in Nigeria.

The Company was acquired by Electra in 2007 as part of the group`s global expansion activities. The comprehensive array of solutions that ETCO provides in the service of its clients encompasses all fields involving Electro-Mechanical contracting, from design, through value engineering, purchasing, supply, installation, operation, turnkey and ongoing maintenance.

Throughout its decades-long tenure in the market, the company has executed Electro-Mechanical projects of varying sizes, including residential, hotels and tourist facilities; public buildings, universities and other educational institutions; office buildings, malls, factories, industrial buildings and airports.

The Company`s various projects are managed using advanced management systems and by first-rate professional with extensive knowledge and experience working in Africa.

ETCO`s senior team of specialists includes some 100 engineers and Supervisors, of whom approximately 45 are non-Nigerian. Together, they manage a staff of 1,200 workers. These workers undergo continuous training and certification programs as part of the Company`s commitment to professional and technological leadership. The Company`s headquarter is located in Lagos, with branches in the other principal cities of Nigeria.


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