The Electra Group - in a Glance

Over the past seventy years, the Electra Group has amassed exceptional experience and a peerless reputation as a global business leader. Its extensive international portfolio includes a wide variety of complex projects that currently span 17 countries across 4 continents.

Established in 1945, and publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1971, Electra operates with a multidisciplinary approach that draws on the unique synergy existing between its subsidiaries. The company has recruited more than 10,300 skilled professionals, including top engineers and technical experts, to ensure flawless results every step of the way.

Putting its unique lifecycle approach into action, the Group makes sure that every project it undertakes, regardless of scale or complexity, benefits from a comprehensive end-to-end solution and full commitment to excellence at every stage. The Group, which operates in both the public and private sectors, has established a proven reputation for developing, planning, and constructing countless high-profile development projects, from residential, industrial and hi-tech buildings, to hospitals, public utilities, national infrastructure projects, and more.

The Electra Group views itself as a customer-first company, forming lasting relationships with clients in all industry sectors, public and private. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and the Group has put in place an ongoing assessment system that continually evaluates key performance indices. This ensures that every customer receives rapid responses from staff, including maintenance technicians, in addition to the finest technology and the Electra Group's characteristically outstanding quality standards.

All Electra customers can rely on the company's enduring financial stability, together with the integrity of the Group's professional management, giving customers one address for all their needs. Electra employs an effective matrix hierarchy, leveraging the dynamic synergy that exists between all subsidiaries to overcome challenges and ensure that optimal results are achieved at every level. In addition, Electra is a representative of leading international brands, including Carrier, Honeywell, Otis, Klaus, and Alimak.

A Global Reputation

The Electra Group is a trusted name in 17 countries across 4 continents. We have played a key role in building Israel’s vibrant economy over the last 70 years, while also establishing peerless services in strategic locations across Europe, Africa and USA. Exceptional performance and ongoing expansion are the cornerstones of the Electra strategy, and today the Electra Group is steadily increasing its international market presence, creating exciting new ventures and partnerships that will introduce its innovative expertise, excellent reputation, and first-class reliability to new territories worldwide.