The Electra Group is dedicated to promoting collaboration between its subsidiaries and local communities, working to develop and establish long-term relationships with numerous associations, non-profits, and government initiatives.  

We view community involvement as exceptionally rewarding for both the company and its employees. It not only gives each employee a sense of personal fulfillment, but also promotes team solidarity and enables us to put our company values into practice. In addition, the Electra Group strengthens its ties with the community and business partners, and helps to improve the society in which it operates.

Our community involvement in Israel primarily focuses on assisting people with physical and developmental disabilities, helping them to lead easier and more fulfilling lives. We contribute by donating resources, and all Electra Group employees are invited to become personally involved in these worthwhile projects. Our staff participate in regular volunteer opportunities throughout the year, lead various collaborative enterprises, and participate in developing community involvement.

We offer our employees several different volunteer options with the professional assistance of Zionism 2000, an organization devoted to promoting social responsibility. These include:


Special Olympics – A non-profit organization dedicated to giving people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a variety of individual and team sports. Offering guidance and support, the organization provides its members with regular competitive training, helping them to develop new skills while also improving their physical, emotional, and social health. Sports is an important way to break down barriers and overcome prejudices, helping everyone to accept those who are different.

Community Centers – Israel's Ministry of Social Services runs residential facilities for people with developmental disabilities nationwide. The residents, who have various ability levels, can take advantage of many activities and courses, including art, sports, photography, theater, computers, nature, and more. The Electra Group's volunteers assist the instructors at the facilities, and help them to run these courses throughout the country.ILAN Center for Adults with Physical Disabilities, Tel Aviv – This one-of-a-kind center was founded to provide essential assistance to adults with severe disabilities, who have "fallen through the cracks" of other support systems. At the center, each member's physical, social and cognitive needs are catered to by a team of professionals, as well as volunteers. This includes art and computer workshops, psychodrama, and other activities.

Many of the Electra Group's subsidiaries, in Israel and internationally, also participate in unique community programs. We always encourage the development of new initiatives, and seek new ways to assist the societies in which we operate.