The Electra Group's vision is expressed through its dedicated lifecycle approach, delivering comprehensive, customer-oriented services from initial development, through construction, to ongoing operation of buildings, facilities, and projects.

From conception to completion, we draw on multidisciplinary expertise to meet the countless challenges of construction, infrastructure, and electromechanical contracting, as well as operation, servicing and maintenance. The full-circle service we provide for every one of our projects is driven by the deep synergy created by all the Group’s companies working in partnership.

Far more than a slogan or catchy phrase, “Consider It Done” represents the essence of who the Electra Group is and strives to be anew each day in its core fields, including construction and infrastructure, installation of electromechanical systems, building and facility management, O&M (operations and maintenance), real estate development, and concessions.

It is our declaration of responsibility, a hallmark of the uncompromising quality we demand of ourselves in every aspect of our operations, and our pledge to be answerable for all of our actions throughout the entire lifecycle of the project – on time, within budget and complemented by excellent service. Anything less than “Consider It Done” would simply not fulfill Electra’s commitment to total, turnkey reliability from concept through completion and beyond.

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