The Electra Group is recognized as a pioneer in the worldwide real estate industry, and constantly explores the innovative new frontiers that represent the future of this field. This has led to the founding of a new technological division headed by Electra Technologies – an exciting new subsidiary that will bring the tried-and-tested Electra lifecycle approach into a new hi-tech era.

Electra Technologies is on the cutting edge of smart technology, providing comprehensive B2B solutions for smart building control that integrates HVAC, fire protection, security, and other electrical systems. These extremely complex, delicate systems require real-time analysis and adaptation via an intricate network of sensors, coupled with the most sophisticated software.

Currently active in smart high-rise office complexes, Electra Technologies will branch out to smart cities, where endless potential is being explored for traffic management, security, energy efficiency, and many more applications. This is the future of urban living worldwide, and the Electra Group is standing at the forefront of this new frontier.