Israel's leading company in the fields of contracting, construction, infrastructure, and electromechanical systems, the Electra Group acts as a primary contractor in the public and private sectors nationwide, specializing in especially complex and large-scale projects.

Electra Construction is one of the largest and most advanced construction companies active in its field, with exemplary performance standards and intelligent, creative planning capabilities that have led it to attract major customers across multiple sectors. Its core competencies include the planning and construction of projects that are among the most prominent being built in Israel today: residential complexes and industrial sites, hi-tech and service facilities, and hospitals, among others. Its work is frequently complemented by Electra Danko, the Electra Group’s finishing works specialist, which undertakes complex finishing and integration projects. Large-scale infrastructure is the domain of Electra Infrastructure, the leading civil engineering company, which is active in various national transportation projects, comprising roads and infrastructure, bridges, tunnels, pipe jacking, and construction.

The diverse capabilities of Electra Elco C&S enable the Electra Group to offer comprehensive electrical works solutions spanning high, medium, and low voltage systems, as well as transformers, switchboards, busbars, lighting systems, and UPS. It is especially active in the renewable energy field through the construction of PV and pumped storage power stations, and holds 25-year concessions for natural gas distribution. Electra M&E, meanwhile, stands as the country’s top HVAC, electricity, and plumbing company, supplying unique energy solutions and performing advanced turnkey projects for office buildings, hospitals, hotels, malls, factories, and more. The company is a leading supplier of advanced industrial cooling, VRF, fire detection and extinguishing, CCTV, public address, street lighting, and many more systems encompassing every aspect of its specialist fields.

Electra Elevators, the largest elevator company in Israel and local representative of major international brands, assembles and installs advanced elevators and related equipment across hundreds of commercial and residential complexes. In turn, Electra Taamal supplies home elevators for optimal accessibility, as well as various industrial conveyors. Electra Parking Solutions, the exclusive representative of Klaus Multiparking in Israel, designs and installs sophisticated multiparking and other semi/fully-automatic systems.

The unique synergy that exists among Electra’s subsidiaries enables the Group to leverage a diverse array of professional abilities, creating a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Thanks to this ongoing collaboration, as well as a highly-skilled management team with unparalleled expertise in local and international markets, Electra achieves unbeatable success with even the most complex integrated projects

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