Top Structure and Slab Track |Tel-Aviv - Jerusalem Express Railway Line (1A)


An express railway line which offers a connection between Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv within 28 minutes at a speed of up to 160 kilometers per hour. The line ends at an underground railway station 80 meters deep at the entrance to Jerusalem. A multi-disciplinary design and construction project (Design Build) that includes civil engineering: preparations for railway tracks and installation areas, production and laying of prefabricated concrete tracks, laying of tracks from Latrun to Jerusalem, construction of escape tunnels and service tunnels. Installation of electromechanical systems: electricity, low voltage systems, infrastructure for railway contractors, plumbing and fire extinguishing, air conditioning, ventilation and smoke removal. Maintenance of the systems for 10 years. This is the first logistical and engineering challenge of its kind in Israel. Working in narrow tunnels (built using the TBM method) tens of kilometers long, using dozens of teams at the same time. Daily transportation of workers, mechanical-engineering equipment, concrete mixers and other transportation vehicles within the tunnels. The project was carried out to world-class standards due to meticulous day-to-day planning and coordination, meticulous scheduling and engineering optimization, and the development of dedicated methods and solutions.
  • Client: Israel Railways
  • Budget: NIS 6.86 billion Total, Electra portion: NIS 750 million
  • Area:
    44 km, of which 40 km are tunnels and 4 km are bridges (not built by Electra)
  • Description:

    Planning and execution. Incorporating foreign knowledge during implementation of the project |Casting of system blocks (length: 40 km, volume: 90,000 cubic meters) |Sub-Base casting (length: 44 km, volume: 70,000 cubic meters) |Installation of electric sleeves from rigid pipes (about 1,500 km) | Installation of high/low voltage cables along the length of the system blocks and in the technical rooms and connecting tunnels (length: about 1,000 km)| Manufacture and installation of hundreds of high and low voltage boards |Installation of cable ladders and lighting fixtures (length: 44 km)| Installation of piping and fire extinguishing systems (length: 44 km): Fiber optic lines, FM-200 systems and main and secondary communications cables |Installation of smoke removal systems and introduction of clean air in case of emergency |Installation of unique fire doors manufactured by Booth (England) and multi-barge in 60 tunnels |Construction of technical rooms, escape corridors and underground systems in 60 tunnels |Connecting an advanced prefabricated factory (5,000 square meters) for the production of 7,000 concrete slabs (a unique Max Bögl patent) weighing 9.5 tons each and with maximum precision |Prefabricated transport and installation of concrete conveyance using dedicated mining equipment manufactured by Metalliance, France| Laying of the railroad tracks along the route. Maintenance for 10 years.

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