IDF Training Campus (Bahadim City)


The IDF training campus (the Ariel Sharon training center in the Negev) is the principal training facility for the IDF. The project involved upgrading the physical and technological infrastructure of the complex so that it could operate effectively for its purpose of achieving the optimal and professional level of battle support and for contributing to the operational effectiveness of the IDF (investment amount: NIS 5 billion). The complex consists of 120 buildings: 31 residential buildings, a dining room and a kitchen, a conference hall, a commercial center, 12 schools, 12 technical workshops and logistics centers, 11 electrical substations, some synagogues and more. The project places emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly construction and uses recycled water and solar energy.
  • Location: 20 km from Beer Sheva
  • Client: Mabat Negev / Ministry of Defense
  • Budget: $ 100 million
  • Area:
    250,000 square meters of built-up area spread over 2,600 dunams, of which 1,300 dunams are developed.
  • Description:

    Electra Concessions (in conjunction with Minrav, the Noy Vered-Binat Fund) is building the complex and is fully responsible for funding, planning, operation and maintenance for 25 years.

    Installation of electro-mechanical systems: electricity, air conditioning, low voltage, piping, fire detection and extinguishing, passive infrastructure for computerization (red / black) and more.

    The project utilizes large-scale VRF systems (cooling capacity: 6,400 tons). Heat Pump systems were installed in the residential buildings, while the other buildings used Heat Recovery systems.

    Infrastructure work: water, sewage, outdoor lighting, low voltage systems, telecommunications infrastructure (total length: 300 km).

    Most of the work was carried out in only 40 months and at the peak of the project 590 systems and infrastructure employees were working on site.

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