Electra Afikim

Electra Afikim is the public transportation operator within the international Electra Group.

Founded in 1945 and traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TA-35 Index), the Electra Group has firmly consolidated its position as a global leader in construction, infrastructure, real estate development, concessions, and ongoing operation and maintenance. The Group’s dedicated project lifecycle approach, coupled with its considerable financial strength and peerless reputation for excellence, has made this industry giant a trusted name in 17 countries across 4 continents. Electra’s expansion and diversification into the transportation via Electra Afikim now represents a strong statement regarding the Group’s intent to become a leading player in this field going forward.

Launched in 2020, Electra Afikim was formed through the acquisition of the established Afikim and Amnon Mesilot brands, which were joined the following year by Egged Ta’avura. This new subsidiary aims to become Israel’s largest, market-leading transportation operator, holding concessions for major public transport routes while also serving institutional and private transportation needs nationwide.

80 Million km/yr

120 Buses

1,400 Buses

Electra Afikim + Egged Ta’avura

Amnon Mesilot

Electra Afikim + Egged Ta&rsquo



Amnon Mesilot was founded in the early 1960s by its namesake, Mr. Amnon Sela. Focusing on private and institutional transportation solutions, the company expanded over the years from its humble beginnings in Nahariya to become one of the largest transport brands in Israel, serving many prominent institutional clients. Its nationwide lines have consistently enabled Amnon Mesilot to offer excellent coverage for a wide range of needs and fields, always with the highest service standard.

In mid-2008, Afikim was established in the wake of a Ministry of Transportation reform that opened up public transport tenders to bids from private companies. The next year, Afikim won the concession to provide public transport services in the Samaria region, including routes from Samaria to many destinations all over Israel. Then, in 2013, Afikim acquired the operations of Veolia Transport (Connex), and thereby expanded its operations significantly, winning additional public transport concessions in subsequent years.

The Electra Group acquired control of both Amnon Mesilot and Afikim in late 2020, creating the new Electra Afikim company and marking Electra’s official entry into the Israeli transportation industry. The next step in Electra Afikim’s ambitious development strategy was the acquisition of Egged Ta’avura in the summer of 2021 – a step that transformed Electra Afikim into Israel’s largest private company in the public transport field.


Electra Afikim transports 80 million passengers every year (passenger trips) on some 450 public transport lines throughout Israel. It currently operates urban transit and inter-city lines in Jerusalem, Ashdod, Yavne, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva, Rosh HaAyin, Netanya, Mevaseret Zion, Maale Adumim, Samaria, and Southern Samaria, among others. The company employs approximately 2,700 drivers, managers, and other staff all over the country.

The Electra Afikim public transportation fleet consists of around 1,400 buses, most of which are new, which together cover an astonishing 80 million kilometers per year. Each bus is fully equipped with the latest modern technologies to ensure maximum safety as well as a comfortable, enjoyable travel experience for every passenger. Armored buses are also used on certain high-risk routes to give passengers and drivers complete peace of mind.


Electra Afikim is committed to setting an ever-higher performance standard for itself in order to continually provide passengers all over Israel with the best transportation services. Attaining these high international standards obliges all Electra Afikim employees, at all levels, to strive for excellence and overcome challenges by adopting creative, innovative thinking in every aspect of their work. This has created a dynamic organizational culture notable for its commitment, passion, and resilience.


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