Corporate Responsibility

F.K. Electra always keeps its finger on the industry pulse and regularly refines and adapts its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to reflect current practices.

Social Responsibility: Under the F.K. Electra Corporate Responsibility Policy, we promote social involvement in the areas where our projects are located. For each project, F.K. Electra establishes a management system tailored to the social aspects and impacts of that project, and a management plan which determines the manner of community engagement, and the methods for examining the social aspects of the project. F.K. Electra constantly seeks to improve the quality of life in communities where its projects are located, through education, medical services, social services, donations, community work, infrastructure improvements, cooperation with local authorities and other intensive involvement in social areas.

Employment Policy: F.K. Electra maintains a Human Resources Policy which safeguards its employees' rights under labor law, including their rights regarding wages and social benefits. The company promotes a strict anti-discrimination policy and bases its work relationships on the principles of equal opportunity and fair treatment.  In addition, F.K. Electra provides its employees with a safe, healthy work environment, with the utmost consideration paid to the inherent risks of each specific project.

Legal Compliance: F.K. Electra conducts its business in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries in which it operates.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy: Under its corporate philosophy, F.K. Electra rejects any unethical or illegal business conduct undertaken by its employees, subcontractors or customers, and fully enforces a clear and transparent policy to prevent such incidents from occurring.