F.K. Electra's wide range of advanced power generators for rent, including industrial generators, provides the company with the ability to supply its customers with temporary power solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.

F.K. Electra's power generators meet every challenge and any requirement, from stable and reliable on-demand electricity for individual sites, to power supplies for the continuous use of an entire power grid.

Generators can be rented for short-term or long-term periods, including a single day, with or without refueling services.

The generators provided for rent are mobile and noted for their low and reduced noise levels.

F.K. Electra's comprehensive cost-effective generator rental package includes:

  • Analysis and identification of customer's needs
  • Delivery of generators to customer's site
  • Installation and operation
  • Refueling services
  • Generator monitoring and regular site maintenance
  • 24-hour hotline and repair service