F.K. Electra Ltd., formerly F.K. Generators & Equipment Ltd., is a leading global provider that has developed a reputation for supplying the highest quality short and long-term power generation solutions.

The company's comprehensive range of services and solutions includes the rental, sale, installation, operation and maintenance of generators with a capacity ranging from 5 kW to 3,500 kW, as well as all the equipment necessary to install generators and connect them to the power grid.

In addition, the synergy between F.K. Electra and the Electra Group's other subsidiaries enables F.K. Electra to draw on the capabilities of the company's other subsidiaries to help provide a variety of development, engineering, rental, and installation services, as well as to operate and maintain temporary power stations, based on diesel and rotary UPS generator systems.

The combination of knowledge, experience, expertise, advanced software management tools, and global real-time performance monitoring abilities, together with high quality maintenance and the support services F.K. Electra provides, assures its customers fast and seamless operation at all times. In 1995, because of the company's top products and services, F.K. Electra was certified by the Standards Institution of Israel as a company that operates in accordance with ISO standards.