F.K. Electra provides its customers with an extensive range of diesel-based generators, including industrial generators.

These generators are designed to meet every challenge and requirement, from stable and reliable localized power supplies to the permanent, continuous power supply that is required for an entire power grid, providing customers with an optimal solution tailored to their needs, whenever and wherever it is required.

F.K. Electra provides both new and refurbished generators, tailored to meet customers' needs. These generators are mobile and are notable for their low and reduced noise levels.

F.K. Electra's comprehensive, cost-effective sales packages include:

  • Analysis and identification of customer needs
  • Delivery of purchased generators to the customer's site
  • Installation and operation
  • Refueling service
  • Monitoring of generators and routine on-site maintenance visits
  • 24-hour corrective maintenance service

F.K. Electra's technology offers many features and significant benefits, including:

  • Highly economical electricity generation
  • Total flexibility
  • Minimal environmental impact, using leading technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cutting-edge monitoring and communications capabilities
  • User-friendly engine and generator control interfaces for high quality performance and quick response
  • Guaranteed reliability and durability
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • One-stop-shop for all power solution requirements
  • Silent generators
  • Highest international quality and safety standards – for all generators
  • Advanced dual-fuel control systems: F.K. Electra's dual-fuel generators are able to operate on a wide range of gas/diesel supply combinations – from 100% / 0% to 30% / 70%

No matter the purpose, scale or timeframe, when you need to manage emergency power requirements, F.K. Electra is the answer, whether the issue is scheduled or sudden demand peaks.

F.K. Electra provides a wide range of customized temporary power generation equipment and solutions, including:

  • Mobile units that provide maximum flexibility for construction sites
  • Broad selection of generator power setups, and solutions tailored to customer needs
  • Standby and backup engine units to ensure uninterrupted power supply
  • Dockside and onboard power generation solutions for shipping
  • High-reliability silent generators for low-noise applications

In order to offer our customers the optimal solution tailored to their specific needs and project specifications, while ensuring minimal expenses, F.K. Electra maintains strong cooperative relationships with various leading engine suppliers, including:

MTU Engines, FG Wilson Generators, AKSA Power Generation, and Cummins Engines.

F.K. Electra's experienced team provides fast setup backed by unparalleled technical expertise and professional support. With F.K. Electra, you can be confident in receiving the power solution you need, anytime, anywhere.